If you’re looking for perfection you’re in the wrong place.

If you want balance, welcome home!

Balanced Imperfection offers you or your organization support through careful evaluation, coaching, training and capacity building.



With 1-on-1 coaching I'll help you find joy and your own personal, imperfect balance.


I'll help you build a comprehensive custom curriculum for you and your team.

Capacity Building

I’ll help your organization reach it’s unique potential through evaluation, assessment and development.

What My clients say

“I appreciate your honesty and directness”
Coaching Client
“This assessment is incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and helpful. It gives me a really clear sense of ways we can improve structurally, support our team, and recognize and respect their expertise and hard work.”
Organizational Development Client
“You have really set the stage for a new evolutionary phase of our program”
Organizational Development Client
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