To guide amazing individuals and organizations in finding their personal and professional joy and balance though consulting, coaching, training and support.

Meet Catherine Swanson

Catherine Swanson, MPH, brings nearly twenty years of leadership experience improving the well-being and health of people and communities with seemingly intractable problems. She has worked for many years in harm reduction and with “hard to reach” populations including drug users, sex workers, folks dealing with serious mental health issues and folks struggling with trauma, substance misuse and compulsive behaviors. In addition to the extensive administrative, research, training and organizational talents she’s honed over the years Catherine has also had extensive counseling experience and training and has personally managed to overcome many of her own seemingly intractable problems. Through those experiences Catherine has learned a great deal about how you can change painful and problematic behaviors and habits in order to have a happier and more balanced life.


"Responsive and intuitive, Catherine listens without judgment, always creating a comfortable and safe space. After only a few weeks of one-on-one coaching, my family and team members immediately commented on my improved organizational, verbal, and self-care habits. These sessions have not only strengthened me as professional, but as a person. With support from Catherine, I have devoted time each week to drawing/writing, pursuing my undergraduate degree, and physical exercise. With the support of Balanced Imperfections, I feel more grounded, supported, and energized than I ever have been."
S. D., Coaching Client
“Thank you, Catherine for your patience and all of your hard work! You have really set the stage for a new evolutionary phase of (our) program”​
R.G., Organizational Development Client
“You are a great coach!”
J.W., Coaching Client
“I appreciate your honesty and directness”
D.S., Coaching Client
“Awesome trainings!”
Training Participant
“Thank you for an amazing training! I learned so much!”
Training Participant
“This assessment is incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and helpful. It gives me a really clear sense of ways we can improve structurally, support our team, and recognize and respect their expertise and hard work.”
S. C., Organizational Development Client