Organizational Services

I have written full training curricula (100+ hours) for outreach workers and test counselors for various organizations. I have extensive experience creating classes tailored to specific organizations and their needs. My expertise includes theoretical and practical subjects related to harm reduction, social justice, street outreach, adult and health education and behavior change. A full list of the topics I have designed classes for can be found here.

With a background in research and evaluation I have helped agencies assesses both their astonishing achievements as well as their challenges and opportunities for growth.  I have created both quantitative and qualitative research instruments and have conducted needs and other assessments for and with community members and clients. In addition to the tools I create for other I use research and data collection to assist me in making sure I am responding to the individual client and to ensure that my techniques and trainings are effective.

I have developed policy manuals and protocols for a variety of organizations including service and employee manuals.

I have co-founded a variety of organizations and programs and I am very familiar with program, systems and organization design and deliverables. I have also assisted organizations through diverse corporate transitions, both non- and for- profit, and can guide organizations through those processes. I’m thrilled to help organizations I respect succeed using these skills.&

I offer strategic planning services to organizations and coaching to help mentor board members so that organizations can achieve their very best.

I offer one-on-one leadership and personal coaching to both management and staff at the organizations I work with in order to improve staff and leadership morale, achievement and service provision while helping folks achieve their own personal balance. Please note that individual organizational coaching is confidential.

I have mediated conflicts between staff members and between staff and leadership with an eye toward ensuring that everyone is heard, their needs are met, and conflicts resolved fluidly.

Individual Services

I offer private, 1-on-1 coaching to individuals who want to find their joy and their own personal, imperfect, balance. I have extensive experience working with hard to address or seemingly intractable personal habits or behaviors including many health behaviors and know that anyone can change even their most problematic behaviors with the right tools and perspective.

Let me help you assess where you want to go during a free 30-minute session and let’s design a process to help you get there!

FAQs About Coaching

What Is It?

Coaching is a form of professional support for personal development. Coaching assumes that the person being coached is competent and healthy but may need support or new tools to achieve personal goals, happiness and well-being ***as defined by you***. The goal of coaching is not “recovery” it is “well-being”. The coaching I practice is harm reduction and evidence based, practically oriented and confidential. My coaching is designed to help you reach personal goals with regard to achieving a better, more sustainable life/work balance and greater happiness, well-being and more joy.

How Does It Work?

We start with an initial, free, 30-minute consultation to see if we might be a good fit. After your first payment I’ll send you an assessment and some worksheets, so I can get a better sense of where you are at, what you’re trying to address and how I might help in advance of our first meeting. Our goal during our first session is to focus on deciding what you want to achieve and then deciding on one or two aspects of that to tackle in an incremental way. Based on that we’ll create an action plan for you and go from there.

How Much Does it Cost?

My fees for coaching are sliding scale to make them accessible to as many people as is sustainable for me. One month of coaching costs between $150 and $450 and consists of a total of 3 hours of one-on-one coaching over the month. How those hours are spent depends on the individual plan you and I set up during the assessment and planning call.

Because coaching involves working toward personal growth and change it’s challenging for most people. Vacillation and ambiguity are the norm. Paying up-front in a package makes it harder for coachees to give into their fears and inertia and quit before they have made the changes they started out wanting for themselves. As a result, I find it helpful if my coaching clients pay up front for each month of service. This tends to “keep folks honest” in terms of their commitment to change.

What Are Your Specialties?

With the exception of using evidence-based tools and an essential grounding in harm reduction with all my clients I am a coaching generalist- adept at working with a broad array of issues and areas for growth. However, I do have special sensitivity to and experience with the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Body Positivity & Health at Any Size
  • Burn Out Prevention & Vicarious Trauma
  • Depression
  • Drug Use
  • Identity Issues
  • Incarceration Issues
  • Leadership Development
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Polyamory & Alterative Sexuality
  • Self-Care
  • Trauma

Please Note

My coaching style is DYNAMIC. This is a process you must be enthusiastically ready to participate in; I’m the coach but YOU’RE the player and you’ll need to come ready to work!

Coaching IS NOT therapy, as a matter of ethics if I feel that you have issues beyond my capacity or skillset I will be honor-bound to refer you another provider. This does not necessarily negate our working together in addition to another provider and I am more than happy to help you find the right solution for your situation if such is the case, but my goal is your well-being above all and sometimes that means you may need different skills than I know how to offer or that someone else may be a better fit.